XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

If you are looking for Direct PGDM Admission in XIME Bangalore, then Trump Career Solution located in MG road Bangalore will help you with an admission! Trump Career Solution is a leading education consultancy services providing exemplary service to students all over India. With its rich experience and time – tested methodologies coupled with cost-effectiveness have achieved phenomenal success in placing the right student to the right institution. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

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About XIME Bangalore

XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

  • Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Flagship programme of XIME. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission
  • AICTE approved two-year, full-time, residential programme.
  • Annual intake of 180 students at Bangalore, 120 students in Kochi and 120 students in Chennai. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission
  • Trimester system followed
  • Foundation courses in management covered in the first year.
  • Electives, core courses, environmental and integrative courses covered in the second year.
  • SUPA – Socially Useful and Productive Activity is a mandatory Internship to help students understand management Issues of NGOs and provides excellent exposure for appreciation of social issues. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission
  • Winter Internship program at Audencia, France and GDUFS, China.
  • Opportunity to do summer internship at the renowned Nagoya University, Japan.
  • International Study Tour. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

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XIME Bangalore is good at the below opportunities

Placement Opportunities:

XIME Bangalore has a strong placement track record, and many reputed companies regularly recruit from the campus. The institute’s placement cell works diligently to connect students with suitable job opportunities. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

Entrepreneurship Focus:

XIME Bangalore fosters an entrepreneurial spirit among its students. The institute encourages students to think innovatively and provides support for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their ventures.

Diverse Student Community:

XIME Bangalore attracts students from various academic backgrounds and regions of the country. The diverse student community enriches the learning experience and encourages cross-cultural interactions.


The campus of XIME Bangalore is equipped with modern infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, a library, computer labs, recreational facilities, and hostel accommodations.

Alumni Network:

The institute has a strong alumni network that can be valuable for networking, mentorship, and career guidance. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission

Location Advantage of XIME Bangalore:

Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, is a major hub for IT, startups, and various industries. Studying in Bangalore offers students access to a thriving business ecosystem and numerous job opportunities.

Overall, XIME Bangalore offers a comprehensive and well-rounded PGDM program that focuses on academic excellence, practical learning, and holistic development, making it an attractive choice for management aspirants. However, I recommend researching further, visiting the campus if possible, and speaking with current students or alumni to gain deeper insights into the institute and its offerings before making a final decision.

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Pedagogy of XIME Bangalore

Eclectic Approach to Teaching

A variety of methods are used to teach students. Lecture sessions are supplemented with case studies, individual and team exercises, live projects, assignments, seminar presentations, business games, etc. Considerable emphasis is placed on team assignments, team discussions and teamwork.


Students are required to be on time for classes and regular in their attendance. 100 percent attendance in each course is expected of every student. Absence is permitted for reasons such as sickness, accidents, bereavements or officially assigned work. However, such absence should not exceed 10 percent in a course.

Comprehensive Evaluation System

Performance in each course is evaluated separately. It is based on a continuous and multifaceted system of periodic quizzes, class tests, midterm tests, home assignments, class performance and end-term written examination. As a general rule, the final end-term examination is not given more than 50% weightage in deciding the grade of a course.

Qualifying Requirements

A minimum standard of academic performance is required on the part of the student, to qualify for the award of the diploma. A minimum CGPA of 3.5 is required for the promotion from the first year to the second year and a CGPA of 5 (average of B grade) is required at the end of the second year to be awarded the PGDM.

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Highlights of PGDM Curriculum

  • Contemporary Curriculum – Curriculum is reviewed and updated every two to three years in consultation with Industry leaders, alumni, students and faculty.
  • Enables in developing a global outlook and promotes spirit of Entrepreneurship.
  • Inculcates human values and societal orientation. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission
  • Develop soft skills like leadership, Interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills. Get XIME Bangalore Direct Management Quota PGDM Admission
  • Compulsory exposure to a foreign language (among German, French, Spanish, and Chinese).
  • On the Job’ training through corporate internship.
  • Unique opportunity to engage in live projects while studying.

Founder’s Message- Prof. J. Philip

The only constant in this world is change. The ebb and flow of change is perennial in economies, industries and businesses. It is indeed a challenging task for managers to constantly adapt to these changes.

Welcome to XIME! We will prepare you for such a turbulent world.

In the 59 years that I have spent in the field management education, I have seen wave after wave of changes that have assailed management education.  Here at XIME, not only have we not gone under those waves, but we have also succeeded in riding many of them.

Built on a culture of merit, integrity and liberality of outlook, XIME, grooms future managers through a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum supported by courses in ethics, international business and ample industry exposure. Appreciation of societal issues is inculcated through various social action programmes and notably a three-week project on ‘Socially Useful and Productive Activity’. On the whole, our endeavour is to develop managers who by dint of their capability and character can measure up to the diverse challenges of the world of business and industry.

At XIME you will be part of an exciting journey of exploration, learning and development of your personal and professional potential.

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