SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

SCMHRD’s commitment to academic rigor is matched by its emphasis on holistic development. The campus is not just a learning environment; it’s a nurturing space where students are encouraged to explore their talents, engage in extracurricular activities, and develop leadership skills. This well-rounded approach ensures that graduates are not only equipped with the technical know-how but are also adept at effective communication, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making. Get SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

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About SCMHRD Pune

SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

SCMHRD, stands as an example for rigor and perfection, which prepares the students for tomorrow’s unpredictable events. We believe in inculcating in the students an attitude to constantly adapt to change, watch out for opportunities to grab and hurdles to overcome, to be able to survive in the fast-paced globalized economy. We believe that Management is an applied art and also science and can be best learned and inculcated if live and real time exposure is facilitated. To enable real and live learning we are engaging with various corporate to do live projects on problems that are of immediate concern to the students. The students at SCMHRD not only get a good understanding of the Indian rural heartland but also the international market that they will have to perform in. They get sufficient understanding about what to do as responsible citizens of India and also of the commercial and ethical viability of the strategies that they will propose and implement. We truly believe that SCMHRD is helping to create leaders and entrepreneurs who are in tune with the world around them, are sensitive of their surroundings, are functionally competent and attitudinally positive and most importantly ‘those who will sincerely persevere to the best of their ability’.

SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

SCMHRD Pune MBA Admission

The institute offers a general MBA programme along with eight different specialisations. Selection and eligibility criteria for the same are given below:

Selection criteria for MBA at SCMHRD Pune:

Candidates will be shortlisted based on SNAP scores and the performance in Group Experience, Personal Interview and Written Ability Test (GEPIWAT).

MBA at SCMHRD focuses on the following


The MBA curriculum equips you with tools to lead and manage in today’s ever-changing business landscape. The focus is not just on the underlying theory, but how to apply cutting-edge concepts to real, relevant business problems. The skills set provided to an MBA graduate functional capabilities — students also develop expertise in less tangible but equally important areas such as communication, team work to name a few.

SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

Hard Work

Through a rigorous and constantly evolving curriculum, the MBA Program teaches students how to work in SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely & be more efficient – all the things that successful companies expect from their present and future leaders.

Creating Opportunity

The MBA Program provides a distinctive business school education that blends cutting-edge research and industry practice to give you precisely the right classroom for unlimited professional and personal development. Through ground breaking initiatives like Capstone Business Simulation, SAS Enterprise solutions, students are immersed in real-time issues, applying what they learn in the program to actual business projects.


SCMHRD believes that the leaders of future need to have a holistic understanding of them before they set out to make key decisions which may affect the corporate scenario. In this regard, the programs like ISABS, Vipassana are conducted so that students discover their strengths and weakness and play to their strengths.

The Institute is committed to providing students with an education that lasts — and evolves — over a lifetime.

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Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), being one of the premier B-Schools in India, produces quality talent across the domains of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, Infrastructure Development & Management and Business Analytics.

Each year, companies from various sectors put faith in our campus and recruit from the best talent pool and minds coming from diverse backgrounds. As a result, the Institute has been able to achieve 100% placement records year on year.

Recruiters offer coveted roles to our talent in the following areas among others:


* Consulting

* Engineering & Manufacturing

* Conglomerate

* Entertainment & Hospitality

* Financial Services

* Pharma/Healthcare

* Real Estate

* Power & Energy

SCMHRD Pune with its rich legacy cultivates change agents who go on to shine in the industry. The institution takes pride in its alumni who have consistently excelled in leadership positions across various organisations in India and abroad. Many of our distinguished alumni have chosen the entrepreneurial route, carving out a niche in their careers. Today, there are over 6,500 of our alumni working across 40+ countries in the world.

Factors to Consider before taking up a Job:

Before exploring job opportunities after MBA in India, it is also important to understand some of the factors that are necessary to take up a job: – Now Grab your MBA Seat in SCMHRD Pune

Organisation: When you are ready to take up a job in an organization, it is essential to understand the nature of work in the respective organisation, the scope for career development, success, failures, and plans of the organization, additional details of the company available on different sources and goodwill of the company. These factors will help the candidates to figure out whether their choice is right or wrong.

Job Profile: Instead of accepting every job that comes your way, aim for a specific job that suits you. Even though searching for the right job takes some time, patience plays a key factor here. Similarly, do not accept a role based on pay, but think about taking a job based on your title, as it will help you develop/ rise on the path of professionalism.

Location of Job: If you are taking up a job outside your native place/ location, try to estimate the cost of living, accommodation, and transportation. You should make a detailed comparison of the salary you earn and expenses towards the cost of living.

Other Factors: Some of the other factors that you can consider before taking a job are: –

  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Working Hours
  • Opportunities offered by Employers

SCMHRD Pune Direct Management Quota MBA Admission

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