Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

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About FMS Delhi

Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

As you delve into the world of FMS Delhi, you’ll discover the legacy, the ethos, and the exceptional opportunities that make it an institution of eminence in the realm of management education. FMS Delhi is not just a business school; it’s a pathway to academic brilliance, professional success, and a brighter future. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Alumni Success Stories of FMS Delhi

Hear about the accomplishments of FMS Delhi alumni and their impact on the business world.

FMS Delhi takes pride in its extensive alumni network, which includes distinguished individuals who have made their mark in various industries and leadership roles. Here are some noteworthy alumni success stories that exemplify the institute’s contribution to the professional world:

Arun Jaitley: The late Arun Jaitley, a prominent Indian politician, and former Finance Minister of India, was an FMS Delhi alumnus. His illustrious career in law and politics, along with his tenure as the Finance Minister, made him a significant figure in India’s governance.

Rajat Sharma: A renowned Indian television journalist and the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV, Rajat Sharma is an FMS Delhi graduate. He has played a pivotal role in shaping Indian media.

Harit Nagpal: Harit Nagpal, the Managing Director and CEO of Tata Sky, is another successful alumnus of FMS Delhi. He has made significant contributions to the direct-to-home (DTH) television industry in India. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Rajiv Dubey: Rajiv Dubey, the Group President (HR & Corporate Services) and CEO (After-Market Sector) at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., is known for his exceptional leadership in the field of human resources and corporate services. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Sanjeev Bikhchandani: The Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Info Edge (India) Ltd., Sanjeev Bikhchandani is celebrated for his entrepreneurship and pioneering the development of successful internet businesses like and Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

  1. V. Narendran: T. V. Narendran, the CEO and Managing Director of Tata Steel, is an alumnus who has excelled in the steel industry and has led Tata Steel’s transformation into a global steel company.

Manav Garg: Manav Garg, the CEO and Founder of Eka Software Solutions, is a technology entrepreneur who has played a pivotal role in the development of software solutions for commodity trading and risk management. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Gaurav Dalmia: Gaurav Dalmia, the Chairman of Landmark Holdings, is a renowned businessman and investor who has made significant contributions to India’s financial and business landscape.

Vikram Chandra: A distinguished journalist, Vikram Chandra, the Founder and Editor of Editorji Technologies, has been a prominent figure in Indian television news.

Sangeeta Talwar: Sangeeta Talwar, the former Managing Director of NDDB Dairy Services and a seasoned business leader, has been recognized for her contributions to the dairy and food industry.

These alumni success stories from FMS Delhi illustrate the diverse career paths and leadership roles that graduates have embarked upon. They are a testament to the institute’s commitment to producing not only managers but also visionary leaders who make a substantial impact on society and industry. FMS Delhi takes pride in its illustrious alumni and continues to shape leaders of tomorrow through its rigorous academic programs and holistic learning experiences.

Scholarships and Financial Aid at FMS Delhi

Explore the financial assistance options available to support your PGDM journey at FMS Delhi.

Scholarships and financial aid at FMS Delhi are aimed at providing support to deserving students and reducing the financial burden of pursuing a management education. While the availability and details of scholarships may vary from year to year, here are some common forms of financial assistance and scholarships that are often offered at FMS Delhi: Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Need-Based Scholarships: FMS Delhi may offer scholarships based on the financial needs of students. These scholarships are intended to support candidates who demonstrate economic need and require financial assistance to pursue their studies.

Merit Scholarships: Merit scholarships are typically awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, both in their previous education and during their time at FMS Delhi. These scholarships can be a recognition of excellence in various areas, including academics, leadership, and extracurricular activities. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Category-Based Scholarships: FMS Delhi may provide scholarships for students from specific categories, such as economically disadvantaged backgrounds, minority communities, or reserved categories (e.g., SC/ST/OBC). These scholarships aim to promote diversity and inclusion in management education.

Corporate Scholarships: Some corporations and businesses collaborate with FMS Delhi to offer scholarships to students. These scholarships often come with an agreement for the recipient to work with the sponsoring organization for a specified period after graduation.

Research and Teaching Assistantships: FMS Delhi may offer assistantship opportunities to students who wish to engage in research or teaching. These roles can provide financial support and valuable experience. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Fellowships: For doctoral students pursuing a Ph.D. in Management, FMS Delhi may offer fellowships that cover tuition, stipends, and research expenses. These fellowships are highly competitive and often come with research responsibilities.

Educational Loans: FMS Delhi may have tie-ups with banks and financial institutions to help students secure educational loans with favorable terms. These loans can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs.

Performance-Based Scholarships: Students who excel in various academic and extracurricular activities may be eligible for performance-based scholarships. These scholarships reward outstanding achievements. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Alumni Scholarships: FMS Delhi alumni who have achieved success in their careers may establish scholarship funds to support current students. These scholarships can be based on various criteria, including academic performance, leadership, and community involvement.

It’s important to note that scholarship availability and criteria can change from year to year. As a prospective or current student, you should regularly check the official FMS Delhi website and the admissions office for the most up-to-date information on scholarships and financial aid options. Additionally, it’s advisable to explore external scholarship opportunities that may be available from government agencies, private organizations, and foundations.

International Collaborations of FMS Delhi

Find out about FMS Delhi’s collaborations with international institutions and global exposure opportunities. Get Direct PGDM Admission in FMS Delhi by Management Quota

Admission Tips and Preparation for PGDM at FMS Delhi

Gain valuable insights and tips for preparing a strong application and cracking the entrance exams.

Future Prospects with an FMS Delhi PGDM

Understand how an FMS Delhi PGDM can shape your career and open doors to a world of opportunities.

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